Fit on Shift has partnered up with Simplified Nutrition and OptimizeMe Nutrition to bring you the #800gChallenge!


The #800gChallenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day. 

No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies or your choice. Hit the macros you want.

Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Yep, that’s it! Here’s a one-sheet with all the rules.

So why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Read more here.


August 1 – August 28, 2019


You can register here:

Facebook Live

We will host a FB Live on Fit on Shift & Simplified Nutrition to go over the rules and answer any questions you may have.




We will be using Wodify Rise to log scores and leaderboard throughout the challenge. More info on scoring can be found here.


Cash prizes plus some other fun goodies.

Easy Snacks to Get You to Morning

Night shift sucks. Sometimes. A lot of the time.
We’re bored, we’re tired, we’re sick of cleaning up after day shift. The vending machine lights shine bright like a diamond in that darkly lit hallway. It’s 2am and you’ve eaten all the food you’ve brought, you’re grouchy and want to sleep so you’re pretty much out of options right?
I get it. Sometimes you just need a candy bar. But for the times when you want to stay awake and away from the vending machine, here are three great  (healthy) snack ideas.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Don’t feel like you have to eat boring yogurt. Remember dirt cups as a kid? The chocolate pudding, the crushed cookies, the random gummy worms. This is your adult version (I won’t tell if you decide to add gummy worms, promise.) Greek yogurt has almost twice as much protein as normal yogurt making it a great choice for keeping you awake and full all night. Add in dark chocolate for caffeine, berries for fiber and chia seeds to keep you full. Using a mason jar makes these portable and convenient to pack.

Substitute fruit for your liking or what is in season. The only rule is there are no rules.

Easy Fruit Salad

Fructose excites the neurotransmitters responsible for keeping you awake in your brain. Eating fruit while on nights can help you perk up without the crash of sugar laden treats. Add in the fiber to keep you full and the citrus to also perk you up and this makes for a great snack. This should last several days.

2 Cups Watermelon
2 Cups Grapes
1 Cup Strawberries
1 Cup Apples
2–3 Tbsp honey
juice and zest of of 1 lime

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir gently to coat. The longer this sits, the juicer this will be. Make sure you pack it in a container with a tight lid!

Easily peeled eggs make us happy too.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are one of the best, complete foods we can eat. Plenty of balanced protein to fat ratio to keep us satisfied and full. Want perfectly peelable eggs every time? Here’s my not so secret method:

1. Bring eggs to room temperature. This is important, otherwise they will crack and make a mess in the pot.
2. Bring large pot of water to boil
3. Add eggs to boiling water, reduce to simmer for 13 minutes.
4. Immediately remove eggs and place in ice bath for 5 minutes.
5. Peel right away and enjoy or store in the fridge for up to 5 days. If you want to keep them in the shell and peel later, that also works!

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Handling Brain Fog

Four easy things you can do to help

How many times have you woken up after you’ve had plenty of sleep but you can’t seem to focus, respond, make little decisions and just have “night shift brain.” Or maybe you’re just being a raging asshole and you don’t know why. Little things set you off, especially your own lack of focus and slow response time.
You know, the lights are on but nobody is at home? Unfortunately this can be a common problem for shift workers, so here are 4 tips to combat it:

  1. Intermittently fast. Don’t eat right before you fall asleep and don’t eat as soon as you wake up. Giving your body and your digestive system a break can help stimulate autophagy and in turn, brain regeneration.
  2. Exercise to release endorphins that help rejuvenate your brain. Whatever exercise you enjoy, do it when you wake up and enjoy the benefits all day.
  3. Try some quiet time or mediation. If you’re not into that “hippie mumbo jumbo” that’s cool. But try to just sit quietly and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes. If you want to try some yoga, mediation or stretching, this would be the time to do it.
  4. Fuel your brain! I’m not telling you to go out and crush a bunch of fatty food, but nomming on some “healthy fats” like nuts and avocados can greatly improve your brain function.  

Protein Waffles

So last weekend my kids had a ballet recital and we wanted breakfast. Blah blah blah no one fucking cares Karen. Here’s the recipe:

1/2 C low fat cottage cheese
1/2 C old fashioned oats
2 eggs
4.5T egg whites
splash of vanilla
sprinkle of salt

Add everything in a blender and mix until it reaches a batter consistency. Fill your waffle iron HALF full (seriously, don’t overfill…its a mess) and cook for 3-4 minutes. These kick the dick off packaged protein waffles. Top with fruit, walden farm syrups, chicken, whatever your heart desires.

417 Calories – 34C | 15F | 38P

Sleep Routine

A sleep routine might seem impossible without the luxury of a constant schedule. Even if you’re stuck rotating shifts, there are ways to get the most out of sleeping hours. The most important thing you can do is be consistent with your routine.

1) Go to bed right when you get home from work. I know it’s tempting to grab a beer, turn on the tv or even the computer, but heading to bed as soon as you walk in every time lets your body know it’s time for sleep. But seriously, no screens as it interferes with falling asleep.

2) Take a warm shower or bath to relax. Stepping out will also begin to cool down your internal temperature, signaling it’s a good time to sleep.

3) Try to sleep the same time every shift. I know some of you rotate shifts (ugh dupont) but every night shift, be in bed by 6:30am and wake up at 1:30pm for example. This allows you the minimum seven hours and you have plenty of time to enjoy your day, accomplish what you need and make it to work on time.

4) Wake up by exposing yourself to light (heh, put on some underwear in case your neighbors are walking the dogs out front ya perv.) I know it’s tempting to sit in the dark basement all day and zone out but going outside or even opening all the curtains can help signal your body it’s time to wake up and you’ll feel more alert going into the day.

An example routine might be:
6:00am Clock out
6:00 – 6:10am Drive home
6:10 – 6:15am Close curtains, turn phone to do not disturb, get in bed
6:30am – 1:30pm Sleep
1:30pm – 1:45pm Wake up, open curtains, move around

Need tips for how to set up your room for daytime sleeping? Check out this post.

Daytime Sleeping

One of the biggest struggles with shift work is the weird sleeping hours. If you’ve been struggling with exhaustion, depending on massive amounts of caffeine to get going and just feel like shit in general – try some of these to get the best sleep during daylight hours.

1) Darkness Calls

Darkness signals to our body it’s time to make melatonin, the key hormone in regulating our internal clock. Invest in a good set of black out curtains. They shouldn’t allow in slivers of light or much noise if fit properly. And if you can’t find a good pair, follow the lead of those questionable houses and put pieces of cardboard or foam over your windows. Purchasing a sleep mask is also a great option if you can’t make your room dark enough.

2) Cool Off

Turn on the overhead fan, bring in an oscillating fan or keep the thermostat low during the day. Your body temperature tends to drop slightly before you sleep, so exposing yourself to a lower temperature for bed will signal your body to produce melatonin. The higher your melatonin levels, the better you’ll rest. Ideal temperatures seem to be between 60-68 degrees.


Noises above 30 db have the potential to disturb your sleep. While they might not bring you fully awake, they can interrupt your sleep cycles making it harder to get into REM and feel rested when you wake up. If you’ve invested in decent curtains and turned on a fan, odds are that will be enough to block outside noise. Using the TV can interfere with our sleep due to the light it, so consider an alternative to this if you’ve been using it. Running the dishwasher or the washing with the alarms off are great alternatives and you’re cleaning while you sleep. Win – win!


Put your phone on silence, turn it off or to do not disturb mode. People don’t understand your schedule, forget your schedule or just don’t care. This includes text messages and random alerts from ESPN and reddit, so make sure the sound is off!

However, if your neighbor John still thinks is appropriate to mow his lawn at 10am this might wake you up. Consider sleeping with an eye mask, ear plugs and all of the above.